If you’re reading this, it’s because you think Jeeps are cool, and we agree. But as cool as your Jeep is, a good lift kit can make it even cooler! Whether you want to make your ride capable of handling any off-road conditions or you just want it to look amazing as you cruise, a lift kit will do this.

Having a lift kit installed on your Jeep is a fun and rewarding experience, but it does take a bit of planning as there is more than one option. That raises the question: Which lift kit is right for you? We’ve put together this guide to the basics to help you decide.

What does a lift kit do?

A lift kit makes your Jeep ride higher off the road. There are two primary types.

  • Body Lift
  • Suspension Lift

A body lift raises your Jeep’s body off its frame. The frame doesn’t get lifted, but raising the body allows room for larger tires which can have a pleasing aesthetic effect. Your Jeep will look highly customized and more aggressive as you drive. Another benefit of body lifts is that they are generally less expensive than suspension lifts.

A suspension lift will raise your entire Jeep — frame and all. That creates more clearance between the underside of your Jeep and the ground. Suspension lifts are great for people who intend to do a lot of off-roading. When you hit the trails the terrain can get pretty rugged, and you don’t want anything under your Jeep low enough to be damaged.

Which lift kit is right for my Jeep?

Which lift kit you choose depends on how you plan to use your Jeep.

For most of us, our Jeeps pull double duty as both a daily driver and a weekend off-roader. That means we need to maintain a level of practicality that allows us to do the things we need to — for example: handling our Jeeps at freeway speeds as we commute to work. If your Jeep serves as both an everyday ride and a weekend cruiser that you like to show off, go for a body lift.

If your Jeep is dedicated solely to off-roading and the only pavement it sees is when you’re driving to the trail, you should choose a suspension lift. That will minimize the possibility of damage and maximize your 4-wheeling off-road adventures.

Let us help. We’re Jeep lifting experts!

Installing a lift kit requires the right tools and expertise. This part is about safety. You’ll want to consult a professional installer. When it comes to customizing your Jeep, Truckin’ Thunder knows exactly what to do to get you the build and look you want. And quality is our top priority! We work with trusted kit manufacturers and can offer you a package that will fit your budget. Visit our website at TruckinThunder.com/jeeps to learn more. Or give us a call at any of our four locations and talk with one of our experienced staff. You’ll quickly discover we’re passionate about Jeeps!