When it comes to proper truck maintenance, we need to make sure to not only keep up with service on all the parts under the hood, but also to maintain the systems inside the truck. The A/C and heating unit is one of those systems. The heating needs to work properly in cold weather and the A/C must perform well in high temperatures.

There are, however, times when the A/C might not be working, perhaps due to a lack of freon, clogged air vents or some other unknown mechanical issue. Until it’s convenient to get the truck into a servicer to get the problem fixed, it’ll be necessary to figure out how to still keep cool in the truck even through the A/C is not running.

Here are a few basic things we can do to stave off the heat and still ride in comfort without the A/C:

1. 12 Volt A/C Unit or Fan

There are quite a few portable 12 volt A/C units that can be purchased for use inside the truck. These plug in to the 12 volt ports inside the vehicle. The smallest units can have a cooling capacity of 100 – 360 watts. They are also very inexpensive when compared to a fully installed A/C system.

A 12 volt clip-on fan is also a good cooling option. These come in single and dual head models. Also on the inexpensive side, these portable fans are easily attachable to the dash, visors and any interior surface that can support the attached clamp. They are also cheap enough to buy several.

2. Cooling Seat Cover

A quick and easy addition to any vehicle for cooling purposes is a cooling seat cover/cushion. This unit cools the body via a series of vents along the length of the cushion. These mechanized seat covers are 12 volt units that can be plugged into any 12 volt outlets. Truckin’ Thunder is a great place to grab one of these.

3. Cool Hydration: Thermoses and Coolers
One of the quickest ways to stay cool in a hot vehicle is by drinking a cold drink. A temperature sensitive thermos and a good cooler will be our best friends here. Keep the cooler stocked with ice and beverages, and use a cooling thermos to drink from. Helping to keep our body temperature cool on the inside will go a long way in staying comfortable in a hot truck or car.

4. Park in the Shade

When the high temps hit, if at all possible, park in a shady spot and use windshield covers to keep the interior of the truck and seats from getting hot. There’s nothing worse than coming back to the truck and opening the door to a sauna! Use an ounce of prevention and avoid a ton of pain!

For these and even more truck cooling solutions, be sure to visit us at Truckin Thunder