Whether you’re a small business owner running a mobile service or a large company with a fleet of vehicles servicing an extended region, one thing is certain — your work vans are vital to your business. But, for them to serve you well, they need to be properly outfitted. One essential upgrade you may have overlooked is a van bulkhead.

At Truckin’ Thunder we know that cargo van bulkheads make work vehicles more organized and efficient. As a business owner, you know the importance of organization and efficiency to your bottom line. If you haven’t done so already, you should consider installing bulkheads in your vans.

What Is A Van Bulkhead?

Excellent question! A cargo van bulkhead is a partition typically made from steel, perforated steel or wire. This partition is installed directly behind the seats and can have a small pass-through door, allowing workers and drivers to access the van’s cargo area from the cockpit.

All My Equipment Is Secured. Why Do I Need A Van Bulkhead?

It may be true that you take great care in securing the items in your work van, but accidents do happen. If you operate a fleet of work vans, can you say with certainty that your drivers follow all safety precautions? Van partitions separate drivers from cargo and protect them from shifting or falling items — especially during unexpected hard stops.

I Understand Van Bulkhead Increase Safety. Are There Other Benefits?

There certainly are! Here are just a few:

Van bulkheads improve climate control.
By separating the cockpit of your van from the cargo area, you are creating a smaller space that is easier to heat in winter or cool in summer. This will increase the comfort of your drivers and keep them more satisfied while they’re on the job.

Van bulkheads reduce noise.
This is an often-overlooked point, but cargo vans are very noisy when they are filled with heavy equipment, tools, and supplies all rattling around. A good work van partition reduces noise allowing your drivers to focus on the road, communicate more efficiently with the office, or think ahead to their next job. This all leads to increased safety and efficiency.

Van bulkheads are built to last.
Cargo van partitions aren’t flimsy curtains. They are rugged, tough dividing walls that are typically made from solid steel or perforated steel. If an accident does occur, you can feel confident that a van bulkhead will protect your driver.

Van bulkheads offer many features.
Bulkheads and partitions come with a variety of options such as:

  • Pass-through door
  • Enhanced visibility through windows or perforations
  • Extended legroom for increased driver comfort
  • Extra storage space with the addition of bulkhead accessories that mount directly on to the backside of the bulkhead

Upfit Your Work Van With A Bulkhead Today

Now that you understand the many benefits that van partitions offer, we want to help you get your work van properly fitted. Contact us today or visit our website to talk with one of our experienced staff. And rest assured that quality is a top priority for us. We work with well-known, trusted manufacturers to provide top-notch solutions for your vehicle. Building the right work van for your business is what we do, and we take pride in it!