Hitch & Trailer Sales, Installation, & Repairs

Hitch Installation

Trailers and hitches go hand in hand. The variables here are endless and we can help you find the right combination to make your pulling experience comfortable and safe. Find out more about hitch options by visiting the hitch companies we prefer.

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Trailer Sales

Holmes Trailers

We offer the top of the line utility trailers from Holmes. They are available in commercial or residential grades. As we have learned over the years, all trailers are not created equal. We, at Truckin Thunder, feel like our reputation is our name. We offer the best trailer for your money. Stop by the see the quality difference or click on the logo below to see why we recommend Holmes trailers!

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homesteader trailers

Homesteader Trailers

Homesteader is a value-oriented enclosed trailer company. These handmade trailers withstand the challenges of daily use with durable construction. Truckin Thunder has made Homesteader its trailer for years. Our 16 foot enclosed trailer makes its way from Fredericksburg to Richmond each day with more than 1 million miles so far. It is affordable and well constructed. We think you will find that too. Click on the logo below to find out more about Homesteader trailers.

Trailer Maintenance & Repairs

As most trailer owners know, with use comes maintenance and repairs. We cover all of your needs to keep you on the road and doing what you do. Our services include everything from lubing to welding to inspections. We have you covered.