We all know the hazards of driving in winter, but we often fail to understand that heavy rain can create driving conditions just as dangerous as snow and ice. Water acts as a lubricant on the road beneath us and creates slippery driving conditions. To add to the danger, sudden downpours obscure our vehicle’s windshield, side windows, and rear window, seriously impacting our ability to see the road.

If that all sounds dangerous, it is. But there are some steps you can take to help mitigate the effects of heavy rain when you are behind the wheel.

How to drive safely in heavy rain:

1. Slow down!

This is an easy one. Simply driving at a slower speed will give you more time to react if another car loses control or you encounter flash flooding. Driving through flooded roads can throw a torrent of water onto your truck’s windshield and make seeing virtually impossible. Make sure your windshield and rear window wipers are in good condition and capable of handling large volumes of water.

2. Don’t panic when hydroplaning

If you’ve never experienced hydroplaning, it can be quite terrifying. When a car hydroplanes, it glides on top of water on the road. That causes a significant loss of traction and hinders your ability to control your truck. If you find yourself hydroplaning, stay calm, and hold the steering wheel steady until your car grips the road again. To combat hydroplaning, keep good all-weather tires on your car, truck, or SUV. Tires with plenty of deep tread can handle more water on the road.

3. Headlights help you see the road

This may seem obvious, but a lot of drivers don’t ever think to use their headlights during daytime rain. Turning on your headlights in heavy rain will allow other drivers to see you better and help illuminate the road ahead of you. Remember, headlights wear out just like the rest of your car. Have your bulbs checked regularly, and keep your headlight covers clean.

4. Install a winch

Obviously, not every car can handle a winch, but if you drive a truck, SUV, or Jeep, a winch is a great idea! These 4×4 vehicles have the horsepower to effectively use a winch if you find yourself off the road. Hydroplaning can take you into a ditch very quickly! Don’t let yourself get stuck. With a winch installed, you can pull yourself out in no time.

5. Upgrade your bumpers

Your bumpers are critical components for your safety while driving. While most car owners stick to the factory-installed bumpers, there are options for upgrading to heavy-duty bumpers — especially for trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. Adding a beefed-up bumper to your truck will not only keep you safer in an accident, but it will make your ride look cool too!

Let us get your truck ready for wet weather!

By taking the above precautions, the next time you face heavy rain while driving, you’ll be able to maintain better control of your vehicle. Bring your truck into Truckin’ Thunder today so we can show you what we recommend. We’re professional installers who make quality our top priority. Visit our website at TruckinThunder.com, or stop by any of our four locations, and talk with one of our staff. We’ll keep you truckin’ during rain and thunder!