Trucks are workhorses — made to haul, lug, carry, and tow. They’re designed to throw your stuff in the back and go where you want to go. From snow throwers to lawn mowers, your truck handles whatever you need it to, but it can do more. Add a few must-have accessories, and you’ll get more use out of your truck, protect it from damage, and make loading and unloading easier.

This guide outlines the best accessories for your work truck. Keep reading to learn what your truck needs to take it to the next level!

5 Best Work Truck Accessories

1. Tie Down Ratchet Straps
These are a must-have for any work truck. After all, you can’t let heavy items slide around in your truck’s bed. The item you’re hauling will get damaged, and so will your truck. An important feature to look for is strength. Look for straps with a maximum breaking strength that’s three times its working load.

2. Tie Down Anchors
Now that you’ve got tie down straps, you need a place to attach them. If your work truck doesn’t have tie down anchors, it’s time to get some installed. When buying anchors go for hardware that includes a reinforced plate so the working load will be fully distributed on the anchor. The working load is how much force an anchor can withstand without breaking.

3. Bed Liners
Your work truck’s bed takes a lot of abuse day in and day out. When you go to sell your truck, or turn in a lease, unsightly scratches and dents will cost you. You can avoid this by installing a bed liner. A good bed liner will take all the wear and tear so your truck stays looking new. There are three types of bed liner: spray-in, custom-fit, and mats. The type of liner you choose depends on how you use your work truck, how much of your bed you’re trying to protect, and your budget.

4. Loading Ramps
Work trucks don’t ride low to the ground, and loading a heavy payload can be challenging. In situations where you’re transporting a riding lawn mower or a snow thrower loading ramps are indispensable. They’re strong, foldable, and make loading heavy machinery into your truck a breeze! When looking at loading ramps consider their length, their strength, and their surface grip. These are critical components that will make loading your work truck as easy as possible.

5. Tool Boxes
We’ve saved one of the most popular accessories for last. Tool boxes are a must for anyone using their truck for work. Not only will a good box protect your tools, but it will also protect your truck bed. In addition, it will keep your tools neatly organized and ready to use. Tool boxes come in metal or plastic and in a variety of configurations including crossover mount, side mount, wheel well, and more.

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