Spring has finally sprung, which means the roads will be busier than ever. More people will be out and about, and that includes truck drivers. Truck drivers need to be aware of spring driving dangers and avoid accidents.

1. Watch out for the slush and puddles.

Spring is a time of year when precipitation can occur in one form or another, so it’s essential to watch the road conditions. When driving in rain, snow, or hail, truck drivers need to make sure they have their windshield wipers on high and are taking it slow. Slush and puddles can cause hydroplaning, so drivers should avoid them if possible.
If you have to drive through a puddle, make sure you know how deep it is before entering. If the water is too deep, your truck could get stuck or even flip over.

Bad muddy dirt сountry road after the rain puddles and car track in spring season

2. Be aware of the animals.

Many animals come out in the springtime, from frogs to birds, to rabbits and deer: many species like to make an appearance this time of year. This can cause problems for drivers because they often don’t know what’s around a bend or on the side of the road until it is too late.
If you see an animal on or near the road, try to avoid them if possible. If you can’t avoid them and they end up getting hit, make sure to stop and check for injuries.
It’s also important to remember that animals aren’t always in the same spot, so be aware of your surroundings at all times.

3.  Be aware of the potholes.

The roads are full of potholes in the spring, which can cause problems for truck drivers. During winter months, these holes have been created by rain and snow, so they’re often hard to see until it’s too late. It’s essential to slow down when you approach a potential hazard area such as this one.

4. Watch for the sun.

Dangerous driving with blinding sun in the car windshield

The sun can be a big problem for drivers in the springtime. It’s shining more directly than it has been all winter, which can cause a driver to become blinded very quickly. If you’re driving and the sun is in your eyes, try to pull over and wait for it to pass.
It’s important to remember that you should always wear sunglasses when driving in the spring because it can help keep your vision clear.

5. Be careful of the pedestrians.

People will be out and about in the springtime, so it’s important to watch your surroundings when you’re driving through populated areas. The more people there are walking around, the greater chance a person could walk into traffic without seeing you coming. Keep your eyes peeled for any potential hazards such as this.

When driving in the spring, it’s essential to be aware of all potential dangers. Truck drivers should take extra precautions to avoid accidents and stay safe on the roads. Follow these five tips, and you’ll be well on your way.