To wipe a foggy windshield, it’s not as easy as switching on the defroster. To keep your windows clear during the winter, It’s all about regulating the moisture and warmth inside your car with the cold, dry air outside. If there is excess moisture, the cabin will approach the “dew point,” resulting in fogging on the windows. Your window will remain fogged until the inside of your vehicle is dry, which is unsafe for both you and the traffic around you. Let’s look at four easy methods to keep your windows clear.

Clear The Frost Off Your Windows

To remove frost, use the smooth face of a plastic snow scraper. If the coating is really thin, a plastic card or an old, worthless Disc can suffice. Push the pile downward and off the car using vertical strokes. You might also use a product particularly intended to reduce or prevent frost accumulation in the first place. Request advise from your mechanic or the personnel at an auto supply store and make sure to heed the manufacturer’s directions while applying.

Clear Ice from The Windscreen

winter driving - scraping ice from a windshield

To remove ice from the windscreen, use the ridged part of the plastic ice scraper. Slash the window vertically, then scrape over the surface to split up the snow into smaller fragments. Never throw hot water on an ice-covered automobile. Glass might crack or break as a result of the quick temperature shift. Also, don’t chisel ice away with a metal key, screwdriver, or other sharp objects. These have the potential to scratch or fracture the glass.

Clear The Snow Off the Automobile

To clear fluffy snow windows in, use a snow brush with plastic bristles or a broom, accompanied by a light scraper with an ice scrape as required. Heavy snowfall may need the use of a push broom, but do not use a snow shovel or you risk harming your vehicle. Remove snow off the car’s roof before clearing the windows, then brush the snow from the bonnet and trunk before leaving. If you miss this step, large clumps of snow may blow off when driving, obscuring your sight or the sight of another vehicle.

Keep an Eye Out for Fog Accumulation On the Interior Windows

From onboard the automobile, your sight might be hindered at times. Configure the air vent to “fresh” instead of “recirculate,” leading to hazy windows. The defroster in your car, as well as slightly lowering your windows, will assist in alleviating the problem. Use your air conditioning unit for the greatest effects. Air conditioners are intended to remove moisture in the air and may do so even while the heater is turned on. Finally, have a clean cloth in your car to remove sticky fog. Also, throughout the winter, clean your inside windows at least once a week.

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