The fall season is a time of year that many people look forward to. The leaves will change colors, the temperatures drop and it’s not too hot or cold outside. There are also some things you should take into consideration when driving this time of year if you have a teen driver in your household. Here are some tips for safe driving during this beautiful season.

1.) Don’t Drive Distracted.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, when behind the wheel of a car, your attention should be 100% on the road. Any distractions can lead to serious consequences. Another distraction that is becoming more and more common in vehicles is technology such as DVD players in the back seat or double-DIN head units with a built-in monitor or even an aftermarket monitor. Although these are mainly meant for the convenience of rear passengers, they should also not be used while driving if you have a teen driver in your household.

2.) The Right Lights Make All The Difference.

Driving at night can be extremely dangerous and if not done properly can increase the risk of a serious accident. Make sure your headlights are in good working condition and your brights/high beams are not on while you’re driving. Although it’s especially important to make this adjustment during inclement weather, it should also be stuck to no matter what the conditions may be outside.

3.) At Night, Leave Extra Room.

With the number of people on the roads at night and visibility being very low, it’s important to make sure you keep a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles. Make sure your headlights are bright enough for oncoming traffic to see and if possible, avoid driving in someone else’s blind spot.

4.) Don’t Drink & Drive.

A young lady refusing to drink before driving

Alcohol use can lead to many negative circumstances but on the road is where it’s most dangerous. Not only could you put yourself in danger but everyone around you as well. So pay attention to your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) and if necessary, call someone else who is sober or arrange some other kind of transportation and try and avoid driving at all.

5.) Make Sure Everyone in Your Vehicle Is Wearing a Seatbelt.

Seatbelts save lives and wearing one is the law in most states. Not only for the safety of your teen but also everyone else in the vehicle, it’s extremely important to have seatbelts fitted in every seat of your vehicle.


We hope you found this article on safe driving during the fall season helpful. If so, please share with your friends and family to help spread awareness about these important tips for a safer driving experience!