Truckin Thunder offers various accessories that people can use with their vehicles to make their lives easier. This includes winter accessories that will assist you during those cold months and rough driving conditions. If you have a truck that you want to get ready for the winter season, then we have three accessories for you to purchase.

Snow Tires

When you drive in the winter, you will struggle with traction on ice and potentially getting stuck in the snow. Even if you have four-wheel drive, you could still get stuck in some deep snow and run into problems. However, snow tires will help you to remain safe and keep your traction during the winter.

Snow tires are designed to keep your traction on the snow so you can avoid sliding during the poor winter weather. You should keep in mind that snow tires won’t guarantee that your truck will get out of the snow or that you will keep your traction, but they will help you out. So remember to drive safely in the snow by taking advantage of snow tires.


Some people will overlook winches since they aren’t as common as they used to be. A winch is a special cable with a hook on it so you can attach it to your truck. This means that you can use a winch to pull out a car or object stuck in the snow.

Keep in mind that winches are electric, so you don’t need to drive your car to pull out objects that are stuck in the snow. This makes it extremely convenient during the winter months since you can always help people out. If you have family members that drive, then you should get a winch to help them if they ever get stuck in the snow.

Tonneau Cover

The winter season can cause snow to build up in the back of your truck. This is an inconvenience and can lead to problems if the snow freezes, so you should get a tonneau cover. A tonneau cover is soft and goes over your truck bed so that snow will fall on top of it and not the inside of your truck.

Tonneau covers are useful if you don’t want to deal with snow in your truck or if you plan to keep your tools and materials in there. This way, if you drive down the road and the snow begins to fall, you don’t have to worry about it ruining your tools or anything else in your truck bed.

Winter is almost here, so you need to make sure that your truck is ready for that weather. These three winter accessories will make it so you can have a better time driving, a way to help out others, and something to keep your truck bed safe. Feel free to contact us to get your hands on these essential winter accessories.