You work hard, and you depend on your van. A professional, well-equipped van increases job efficiency and lets your clients know you take your business and their needs seriously. It shows them you care about what you do, and you’re good at it.

Truckin’ Thunder wants to help make your van the best it can be. We’re experts in designing and manufacturing the highest-quality commercial van interiors that will get you organized and meet the needs of your business. Just need a simple ladder rack? We can help! Looking to do a complete build-out or refits? We can do that too! We offer a range of integrated components, custom-made from quality materials, that will work together to get your van to maximize cargo space, safety and efficiency.

Interior Van Components


Bulkheads keep the cab area quiet, so your drivers can concentrate on the road. They provide better climate control, and they offer increased driver safety in the case of unexpected hard stops. Bulkheads aren’t a luxury. They’re a necessity!


Nothing increases storage in your commercial van like well-designed, professionally installed shelves and drawers. At Truckin’ Thunder, we offer fully customized options to meet your specific needs.


Not all floors are created equal, and you should give your floor just as much attention as the rest of your van. Truckin’ Thunder offers multiple options in mobile flooring that provide benefits such as non-slip surfaces, lasting durability and cable tie-downs.

Exterior Van Components

Ladder Racks

Regardless of the type of business you’re in, a good quality ladder is likely an essential piece of your equipment and an investment you’ll want to protect. Ladder racks can be designed to fit any van and not only do they keep your ladder stored properly, but they also free up valuable space inside your van, so you can carry more inventory and work more efficiently.


A tough, commercial towing hitch can offer many benefits. It can improve your van’s carrying capacity by allowing for an additional trailer to be pulled. It can even accept a hitch step creating easier — and safer — access to your van’s cargo area.

Your Vision — Our Quality Construction

When it comes to customizing your commercial van, the options available can sometimes seem overwhelming. That’s where Truckin’ Thunder can help. To make the process easier, we’ve designed standard packages you can use a launching point for your ideas. These include build-outs for HVAC, telecommunications, plumbing, electrical and more. And quality is our top priority! We’ve chosen only the most reputable manufacturers in the industry to supply our products. Visit us today and talk with one of our experienced staff. Building the right work vehicle for your business is what we do, and we’re passionate about it!