Car mats are an inexpensive item compared to the rest of your car, but they can make a big difference in maintaining the appearance of the interior of your vehicle. Car mats protect the carpet underneath from stains and wearing. They also make it easier to keep the interior of your car clean. They do, however, need replacement every once in a while for safety and cleanliness. Here are some signs that you need to replace the mats in your car or truck.

When the Mat Slips Around

When a mat won’t stay in place, it’s annoying because you have to continually readjust it to the correct place. But the problem can become much more serious. If it’s continually sliding out of place, the driver’s-side mat can also get in the way of the pedals. Replace your mats as soon as possible if they’re sliding around.

It’s Worn Through

A hole in your mat is definitely unsightly, but it can also become a hazard. If you can fit your foot in the hole, your foot can become stuck. Most people pivot their foot on their heel when they’re switching between the brake and gas pedals, which can wear away at the floor mat. Reaching the pedals quickly is necessary for safe driving, so replace them as quickly as possible if there are any holes.

It’s the Wrong Size

If you bought a set of good-enough mats on a sale, you might not have mats that are the correct size. Mats that are too small won’t protect all of the carpet underneath from damage. Soda spills and dirt from the road can stain and wear away at the carpet underneath. If your mat on the driver’s side is too large, it can get in the way of your feet reaching the pedals.

You’re Going to Sell Your Car

If you want a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to refresh the look of the interior of your car, consider getting new floor mats. They’ll make the interior of the vehicle look newer and cared for, which will impress potential buyers.

They Have Stains That You Can’t Remove

Many people’s cars get dirty on the inside, and you just can’t remove all stains. Car floor mats are an inexpensive investment, and you’ll definitely enjoy seeing the clean surface every time that you get inside of your vehicle. Some of the most common types of stains on car mats that can be a pain to try to get out include:

  • Soda
  • Dirt
  • Road salt
  • Children’s food.

You might also simply decide that it’s not worth the time investment to try to get old mats clean, which will make it a great time to invest in a new set of mats.

There Are Funny Smells

No one wants their vehicle to smell funny. Some mats get mold from being wet, or they just smell bad because you’ve spilled something on them that you can’t get out, such as milk. Replacing your mats is worth the investment.

If you’re interested in an easy way to make your car safer and feel newer, invest in car mats. You can get rubber ones, which are great for vehicles that are driven a lot. Otherwise, you can also invest in some mats that are carpet and are the same color as the carpet underneath. Talk to one of our sales associates and check out our inventory to find the best mats for your vehicle.