Back in the early days of the Jeep, bumpers were thought of as insignificant parts of the vehicle, more on an ornament. Today, we know better. The vast array of bumper styles reflects the need of Jeep owners to get that extra protection for themselves and their families while traveling for work and leisure. Make sure your Jeep’s bumper is sufficient for your needs whether you drive it off-road for adventurous four-wheeling or traveling long stretches of the highway.

Bumpers are Necessary

Jeeps are rugged, made for vigorous work. Unfortunately, factory bumpers aren’t. The right bumpers enhance the longevity of your vehicle because they deflect rocks, dirt, and help protect the front and rear body of your car from the direct impact of bumps from careless drivers parking to close.

Selection of Winches and Mounts is Expanded

Your Jeep’s bumper must be strong enough to accommodate the winch you choose. Pulling things around and out of ditches is what Jeeps are able to do. When you find the winch you like best, be certain your bumper can handle its capabilities. If you’re unsure, it’s time to replace it with a more sturdily designed bumper.

Expanded Vehicle Recovery Options

When you pull a friend’s car out from being stuck in the road, it’s true that you can use a winch. It’s also a great idea to have another recover choice for yourself should you need a tow. For example, take recovery D-rings. Factory bumpers may not have the shackle mount for that option; however, many aftermarket bumpers feature them on all corners.

Fits Your Newly Added Bigger Jeep Tires

If you’ve added larger tires on your Jeep, a stock bumper may be fine on-road if it’s a full-width style. However, Jeeps were made for on-road and off-road driving. When you take it off road, as your Jeep bumps and dips in harsher terrain, its tires can dig right into the bumper.

Thankfully, aftermarket bumpers that address that type of common situation are readily available. Some of the most popular ones include the shorter bumper styles that end at the grille edge or have a midway stoppage point. These allow you to concentrate on your specific tire controlling methods without having to worry about how the bumper provides adequate protection for your Jeep.

Modified Bumpers Reflect Your Personal Style

Jeep owners like yourself take pride in their vehicles. The bumper is the very first thing people notice on a Jeep. That’s because it’s out there as the foremost part of the car. From the backside, the bumper is the last part of the car that’s observed. Onlookers see your Jeep coming and going.

Your bumper’s style reflects your personality. It’s color and other accessories that go with it such as winches, D-rings, bumper caps, and more. The excitement of choice is just the beginning. The best thing about a bumper upgrade is that you’re not stuck. As you grow and your style changes, you can do another swap.

At Truckin Thunder, we realize that stock bumpers don’t do justice in safety, vehicle protection or personal style conveyance. The options are out there, and it’s the right time to experience the advantages of a modified bumper. We have convenient locations in Midlothian and Henrico in Richland, Virginia, as well as in Ashland, Virginia.