Trucks are made to be tough! They are built to hold up under hard work and heavy loads. But all that grinding takes a toll — especially on the bed of your truck. Whether you haul lumber for construction, landscaping equipment, or the kids’ bikes on the weekends, eventually your truck bed is going to need a good cleaning. Although cleaning the bed of your truck bed isn’t hard, it takes a bit of know-how to get the job done right. We’ve drilled it down to 5 easy tips that get your truck bed looking like new again.

1. Detach the Tailgate

Your truck’s tailgate is great for helping you haul heavy loads, but it can be a pain in the neck when you’re trying to give your truck bed a good wash. If possible, remove your truck’s tailgate before you start to clean. This will allow better access to the back edge of your truck bed. If you’re not sure how to remove the tailgate, be sure to clean the gap between the gate and the edge of the bed the best you can. You could also let Truckin’ Thunder help. We know trucks and can have that gate off in a jiffy!

2. Remove the Bed Liner

If your truck has a removable bed liner or bed mat, you should remove it before sweeping out your truck bed. With the liner out, you can get more grit and debris out of your bed with a good broom, and you can also give the liner a good scrubbing before placing it back in the bed of your truck.

Pro Tip: Use an air compressor or leaf blower to blow the debris out of the bed of your truck instead of sweeping. It’s not only easier, but it will also do a better job!

3. Rinse, Soap, Rinse, Repeat

Now for the actual scrubbing! Grab a hose and give the bed a good rinse. Once the bed is wet use a mitt or a soft mop to scrub the surface of the truck. Avoid using an abrasive scrubber that will damage your truck’s paint. With the scrubbing done, rinse off the soap and check for any areas that need additional scrubbing. Hit those spots again with your mitt and so on. Repeat this process on your tailgate.

4. Put Everything Back Together

Now that you’ve got all the parts clean, all that remains is to put it all back together. Reinstall your bed liner first. Dry the underside of the liner as best you can before placing it back in your truck’s bed. This will help prevent rust. With the liner in place, reattach the tailgate.

5. Buff and Wax

With everything back together, it’s time for the final step — buffing, and waxing. Using good quality products, gently buff the bed of your truck first, then follow up with the wax. This will make the paint gleam and keep your bed looking new for months!

Let Truckin’ Thunder Do the Dirty Work

If you need a hand cleaning out the bed of your truck or are simply too busy, Truckin’ Thunder is always available to help. Stop by Truckin’ Thunder today so we can recommend the best options for your truck. You can also visit us online at to learn more about us. We’ll help you keep on truckin’!