Are you considering buying a trailer? Trailers can be very beneficial and serve many purposes. Whether you choose an open design or enclosed, you’ll love your new trailer.

Utility Trailers

What size trailer do you need? There are many different sizes available including 5’x8′, 6’4″X10 and 6’4″X12′. Utility trailers are perfect for hauling things such as lumber, appliances and lawn equipment.

You’ll enjoy the convenience of owning your own instead of having to borrow or rent a trailer when you’re in need. Utility trailers are also great for hosting hay rides during the fall. Kids will love piling up on the hay bales, cruising around the block and maybe even trick-or-treating.

Car Haulers

Does your hobby or career involve racing other vehicles? Car hauling trailers make pulling your drag racing vehicle easy. Maybe you have a junkyard or mechanic shop. Our vehicle trailers will make getting cars to the shop a breeze.

Enclosed Trailers


Are you worried about the safety of your items? You’ll love an enclosed trailer. You can load up your equipment, furniture, appliances and more. You won’t have to worry about bad weather or your belongings falling off the trailer.


Enclosed trailers also offer an added level of security. People won’t be able to see what you’re pulling. If they do get curious, you’re trailer will be locked, so they won’t be able to break in easily.


Are you tired of loading and unloading your trailer? With an enclosed trailer, you don’t have to unload it when the job is done. You can store your items securely in the trailer until time to haul it again.

No matter what you need to haul, owning your own trailer will, overtime, save you money, and you’ll enjoy the convenience of not having to rent or borrow. Call Truckin Thunder today for more information!